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LGBT: Where are we going?

Infighting has become a real problem. Groups that once worked together are now branching out and fight amongst themselves for top of the chain. One group doesn’t do this right while another group thinks they are leading the way.

What is happening is that rather than allowing these collective voices to sound the trumpet, we’re creating factions and trying to stamp out those who feel different. However, don’t we all have the same goal in mind?

In the LGBT community there will be those to find my non use of queer as offensive. Or my non statement about gender identity as offensive. Or that I used L before G in LGBT as offensive.

Shouldn’t we be a unified effort to promote equality? In some states that is marriage equality, while other states job equality, and then there are states where we just want to be able to coexist because any rights we might receive will be far-reaching in this day and time.

Cooperation is key. Not to fight and say one side is wrong. Just because they aren’t doing it like you would or saying it like you would say it, doesn’t make them wrong. Working together and showing each other and explaining to each other how something is being done will allow both sides to review what they are doing. You never know, one side might find that the other side’s strategy is working better than theirs.

But instead we fight. We say the other is doing it wrong. We actually think one side isn’t being radical enough.

Of course, if we stop and think how glorious it is to think we can call someone not radical enough for expressing LGBT views, then we will appreciate that there can be divisiveness. But if we’re not making progress because of these dividers, then we aren’t helping anyone.

We’re just creating factions. We are not building a beloved community.
We are not establishing our place in the world.

Let us work to build a better world. Let us appreciate each other in ways we can promote our similar agendas. Otherwise, we should just go back in the closet because we’re not ready to cohabitant in this society.

Think about that before you attack or put someone down for their beliefs.

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